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Search & Rescue

PHL are part of local Council emergency response plans, assisting with  evacuations, supply of provisions and rescues.

PHL are part of local Council emergency response plans. This means if a civil emergency is declared, PHL will immediately become available to assist in any way possible including evacuations, supply of provisions and rescues.

Being strategically located across four bases with multiple aircraft allows PHL to respond quickly in the event of a Civil Defence emergency or a search and rescue effort.

Well-Equipped & Experienced

How the PHL team helps to save lives with the local Councils

Over 30 years experience responding to emergencies

Reliable aircraft with cargo pods for extra capacity

Local knowledge of the land and terrain

The best GPS equipment onboard all aircraft

Strategically located across three bases in the country

Helping Protect Taranaki

Our location means we can not only serve the Taranaki region but also the Whanganui-Manawatū and further north on the Central Plateau and in the South Waikato. We have also responded to emergencies on the South Island's West Coast.

PHL - Commercial Services - Helicopter Search and Rescue

Storm Damage, Floods & Mountain Rescues

In 2018, PHL were the first aerial support company to provide support evacuating over 100 tourists stranded at Blue Duck Station after severe storm damage blocked all road access; as well as transporting much needed generators, food provisions and aerial surveying of land damage. 

During the Waitotara floods in 2017, PHL provided our services for air-lifting evacuees out and flying in provisions for rescue teams and those remaining to battle out the waters.

PHL's chief pilot, Matt Newton flew the Taranaki Rescue Helicopter for 10 years and as such, has been part of search and rescue teams as the pilot helping find and fly stranded climbers off Mt Taranaki.

2016 Kaikōura Earthquake Relief Work

Immediately after the Kaikōura Earthquake in 2016, PHL responded by deploying six aircraft from across all of our bases to assist with evacuations, flying in provisions to stranded properties, transporting geologists, road and infrastructure teams and aerial sluicing of land slides.

Retrieve & Return

But it's not just people we've responded to in emergencies, we've also been called out to rescue the likes of vehicles and quad bikes broken down or bogged out in remote locations. Or stock stuck in difficult terrain and needing a ride home to the farm.

Emergency Situations

Although we are part of nationwide emergency response plans and have carried out many successful search and rescue missions, in such situations we are always led by and serve a larger organisational team. In other words, we're not a rescue helicopter company. If there are injured people involved you should always contact emergency services first on 111.

Rescue Coordination Centre New Zealand 24-Hour Emergency Number

Within New Zealand: 0508 472 269

Internationally: +64 4 577 8030

Need to know more about SAR?

To find out more about our emergency and search and rescue capabilities, send a message or give us a call.