Our Systems

At the core of what we do, is our strict adherence to robust systems and processes for safety and flight management on each and every flight.

At the core of what we do are robust systems, processes, and strict adherence to them at all times. There are key systems that make up our approach to every operation:

Taking Care of Business

Alongside our systems and processes, all our helicopter work is carried out according to regulatory requirements and industry best practices. Each and every aerial mission covers:

  • The job's requirements – what needs to be done, where, when and who with.
  • Safety and risk management assessments including load and gear, landing zone, third-party risks, flight and ground crew safety.
  • An approved flight plan in-line with the CAA.
  • Selection and preparation of equipment to be used.
  • Care and attention to all factors during the operation.
  • Pre-flight – aircraft checks, suitable weather windows, flight following.
  • Flying neighbourly – having good relationships with the public and flying in accordance with our code of practice.
  • Post flight – end of job safety and performance reviews, customer satisfaction surveys, flight management checks, check adherence to service standards.
  • Service standards – we deliver services that satisfy our customers' expectations and all regulatory bodies.
  • Systems and processes – we comply with all established procedures, standards and regulations.

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