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Firelighting (Burn-Offs)

For land intended for cropping, once herbicide has been applied we often recommend firelighting a controlled burn-off of the remaining dry matter before seeding and fertiliser.

For land intended for cropping, once we've applied herbicide and the targeted weeds and noxious plants have died off, we often recommend firelighting a controlled burn-off of the remaining dry matter. Quickly following this, we'll spread the seed and apply fertiliser.

What is Firelighting?

Best described with the video below, firelighting is where we fly an underslung fire lighter containing a mixture of fuel and a fire retardant approximately 50m above the ground. As the mixture is released, a flint ignites the mix, which falls to the ground, setting the dry debris on fire.

PHL - Agricultural Services - Helicopter Fire Lighting

Aerial Cropping

The key benefit of firelighting and the burning off of dry matter is the resulting ash is a perfect bedding for seed to be laid down. Soon after this, we recommend applying fertiliser before praying for rain or turning on the irrigation!

Making Unproductive Land Productive

One of the main reasons we carry out firelighting and the process above is to turn what would normally be unproductive land into productive land. It's called aerial cropping and can only properly be done with the help of a helicopter and a skilled pilot.

PHL Firelighting in Action

Check out the video of our team in action firelighting

Need to burn-off those nasty weeds?

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