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Precision Lifting

We like to think of our three Airbus A350 B2 helicopters as mobile sky cranes

With the ability to lift up to 900kg and make repeat lifts over a short period of time, we like to think of our three A350 B2 helicopters as mobile sky cranes. Each aircraft has its own helicopter hook, remote hook, long-lines and multi-hook carousels able to tackle any aerial mission.

Need to get a bunch of stoat traps from the back of your ute to remote locations on your farm? No problem.

Got a pile of steel girders needing lifting from A to B for a construction project? We'll get it sorted.

We make heli-lifting affordable with carousels able to take up to nine individual loads (with a combined weight of 900kg max) that can be lifted and accurately positioned with GPS technology via a remote control direct from the cockpit.

The PHL Advantages

How the PHL team can save you time and money with your next aerial lift

Access hard-to-reach remote locations

Precise placement of each and every load

Cost-effective and super efficient timeframes

Max 900kg load per lift

Well-planned and super safe

A can-do attitude and friendly comms

Highly Experienced, Safe & Efficient

Our pilots are highly experienced in vertical reference flying and are supported by our equally skilled ground crew. We can also position loads through blind cover such as forest canopies.

We can lift anything and we do it all safely and efficiently with thorough planning, good rigging of every load and precision placement. We do it all with robust job meetings and safety brief-ins before each and every job.

PHL - Commercial Services - Helicopter Precision Lifting

Loads We Lift

  • Construction – girders, frames, water tanks
  • Communications – repeaters, transmitters
  • Conservation – traps, bridges, structures
  • Seismic – all your surveying gear and rigs
  • Commercial – generators, air con units

Need a lift?

Send us a message or better still just give us a call and we'll get you sorted pronto!