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Aerial Cropping

PHL can provide all the necessary aerial application services you require for aerial cropping including spraying, firelighting, seed spreading and fertiliser application.

PHL can provide all the necessary aerial application services you require for aerial cropping. These may include all or some of - weed, pest and fungicide spraying; firelighting for clearing the land of dry matter; seed spreading; and fertiliser application.

Although aerial cropping can apply to any type of land from flat to rolling hill country, it often means developing steep and rugged hill country into productive cropping land that ordinarily would be unproductive. As land like this can't be cultivated with traditional farm machinery like tractors, aerial techniques are required, specifically a PHL helicopter and a skilled pilot.

The PHL Advantage

How the PHL aerial cropping process works

  • 1 Spraying Out
  • 2 Firelighting / clearing land of residual dry matter
  • 3 Seeding
  • 4 Fertiliser application
  • 5 Rain or irrigation
  • 6 Graze

Aerial Cropping Hill Country

For steep hill country land intended for cropping, once weeds and noxious plants have been eliminated or burnt off, the next step is to seed with grass, clover or plantain (or a mixture) and fertilise before praying for rain* or turning on the irrigation. *Good weather planning is essential!

This process can sometimes triple the productivity of steep hill country and has put many a smile on a farmer's face while revolutionising hill country farming for grazing stock feed in South Waikato, Taranaki and Whanganui.

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PHL Aerial Cropping in Action

Check out the results of some recent aeiral cropping in Taranaki

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