The PHL Helicopter Fleet

At PHL, run three Airbus AS350 B2, one Airbus AS350 BA, two MD500 and one Bell 206 Jet Ranger.

We run three Airbus AS350 B2 (one at each of base), one Airbus AS350 BA, one MD500 and one Bell 206 Jet Ranger. We have all the necessary equipment to carry out agricultural and commercial work along with a workshop for repairs and maintenance*.

Each aircraft has its own advantages and can perform specific aerial tasks unique to its configuration. These include lifting capability, noise level, passenger capacity and operational range. Other factors include the size of the landing zone required and the terrain as both these factors affect the helicopter choice.

All our helicopters have navigational GPS, TracMap GPS and real-time flight tracking systems that are critical to our safe and efficient operation.

*All our aircraft have strict maintenance schedules that are controlled by our CAA approved Maintenance Controller and are serviced by a professional helicopter maintenance company.

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