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Moving Drilling Rigs

Your partner of choice for moving oil and gas drilling rigs safely from A to B with 15 years of experience

Transporting a drilling rig to wherever it needs to go requires attention to detail, accuracy and a whole lot of care and safety precautions. That's why time and time again we've been chosen as the partner of choice for oil and gas drilling companies in New Zealand.

Precision Helicopters have 15 years experience in moving drilling rigs.

With a maximum lift capability of 900kg, we can move your rig from virtually anywhere to its new destination. Then we come back for more to make sure all of your drilling equipment also gets from A to B quickly and efficiently, and in one piece.

An example of the work we have carried out is recently completing a geological survey, shifting coring rigs on Mount Messenger, Taranaki in order to establish a new main road route.

The six-tonne rig was owned and operated by Webster Drilling & Exploration and we shifted it a dozen times. Its modular design enabled us to fly two components in 900kg pieces and assemble on-site with the use of the helicopter as a crane.

The PHL Advantages

How the PHL team can save you time and money moving your drilling rigs

Able to lift and position from any location

Impeccable safety record

Highly experienced pilots

History of moving drilling rigs

Available nationwide

Well-known as the good guys to deal with

Need to move your rig?

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