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Fertiliser Application

Helicopter applied granular, fine particle fertiliser and liquid fertiliser

Fertiliser is the lifeblood of the land, and timing is everything. You need to get that fertiliser on when soil temperatures are adequate and when you the need feed. Using a helicopter ensures the fertiliser is applied on time regardless of the weather and field conditions.

Our distribution pattern is very even and we have good control on applying your valuable product onto productive areas only. Our loading systems and application equipment are fast and effective using GPS technology for perfect placement and accountability.
Precision have have loading and application equipment for Granular, Fine Particle and Foliar liquid fertilisers.

Both Fine Particle Fertiliser and Foliar Liquid fertiliser can be applied without herbicides and pesticides.

The PHL Advantage

Benefits of Fine Particle Fertiliser 

Dramatically increase dry matter production

Improve soil condition and biological activity

Deliver nutrients and trace elements to plants

Increased production and animal condition

Reduce leaching and emissions

Increase water use efficiency

Almost zero waste of fertiliser

Up to three times more effective

Fine Particle Fertiliser

Fine Particle Fertiliser is ideal for combining pesticides and herbicides with fertiliser application. Usually we use DAP, Urea, Lime Flour, Elemental Sulphur, Muriate of Potash and trace element combinations. Sometimes DAP, Urea or Lime Flour on are applied their own. The granules are broken down into flour (fine particle) on the farm using a portable hammer mill. Urea applied as fine particle grows twice as much grass than granules per unit on Nitrogen applied.

PHL - Agricultural Services - Helicopter Fertiliser Application - Fine Particle Fertiliser Application (FPA)

Fine Particle Fertiliser with PHL

Combined with converting granular fertiliser into a more productive product, another benefit of fine particle fertiliser application is that vital nutrients and trace elements such as copper, cobalt and selenium, can be added to the mix to be applied at the same time. Without the fine particle fertiliser application process the cost of these elements would be prohibitive using the standard granular application method.

What is Fine Particle Fertiliser?

It's important to understand that fine particle fertiliser application is not a fertiliser product or additive but an application technology designed to improve fertiliser efficiency and performance through greater surface coverage of fertiliser on the ground, achieving more grass per kg of nutrient applied than traditional application methods. Sounds pretty good, right? Then read on.

Fine particle fertiliser application achieves complete surface coverage and penetration of the fertiliser immediately, removing the ‘hit and miss’ approach of isolated granules, which rely on rain or irrigation to break down and supply nutrients and trace elements to plants. This means no longer are you constrained to seasonal and weather conditions to give your crops what they need to grow.

How Fine Particle Fertiliser Works

Prior to application, the granular fertiliser is ground into a fine particle form with our custom-made micronising hammer mill. This results in a uniform particle size while also transforming a mix of different fertilisers into a high quality compound blend.

This fertiliser is loaded into either a specialised under-slung fertiliser bucket or helicopter spray tanks whee it it then applied to pasture where it is absorbed into the soil and becomes available for uptake by plants almost immediately.

Granulated Fertiliser Application

Helicopter top dressing offers very accurate and even distribution of fertiliser, with very little waste on unproductive areas. Regardless of field conditions or land contour, we can get your product on.

We can load out of a fertiliser bin with a loader or direct from the truck though a grain door, using our conveyour system.

PHL - Agricultural Services - Helicopter Fertiliser Application - Granular Fertiliser Application

Granulated Fertiliser Application with PHL

We have an extensive range of dry application buckets depending on what you need applied, and where. We also have all the gear required for loading your fertiliser into the helicopter bucket including a truck and trailer unit capable of carrying 500kg of dry granular fertiliser and our state-of-the-art super speedy conveyor loader.

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