Health & Safety On Your Property

Before we come onto your property and complete any aerial services, we need to know a few details from you to help us stay safe while doing the best job possible in the safest and most efficient way. We ask all our farming clients to please complete the Health & Safety questionnaire below at least annually to ensure we have the most up to date info on your property.

Farm Health & Safety
Do you have any overhead wires (live or unlive) on your property and if so, where are they?
Do you have any hazards or sensitive areas that our pilot should know about? (i.e., young stock, horses, aerials, sensitive crops etc)?
Do you have any other hazards that our groundcrew should know about? (i.e., wet tracks, 4WD access only, tomos etc)?
Have you notified your neighbours of the aerial application taking place and do they have anything we need to be aware of? (i.e., sensitive crops, horses, young stock etc)? Note: if you have not notified your neighbours, we must apply a no spray buffer to the boundary in accordance with local regional air plans.
Do you have any beehives on your property and if so, where are they and have the hive owners been notified?
Do you have any contractors working on the property (i.e., fencers, tractor drivers, shearers etc) and do they know about the aerial application taking place?
Do you understand the withholding periods associated with the chemicals being applied?
If you have supplied us with an agrichemical that has expired or not true to label you understand the risks relating to this?
If you have instructed the pilot to apply chemical differently to the manufacturer’s recommendations, do you understand the risks and possible ineffectiveness or damage that may occur?
Do you have anything else to add to ensure we stay safe on your property?
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