Commercial Helicopter Services

There isn't much PHL can't handle when it comes to commercial aerial missions. From precision lifting to seismic surveying, moving drilling rigs to transporting international movie stars around the country, make us your first and only call. You won't regret it.

PHL - Commercial Services - Helicopter Precision Lifting

Precision Lifting

We like to think of our three Airbus AS350 B2 helicopters as mobile sky cranes...

PHL - Commercial Services - Helicopter Seismic Surveys

Seismic Survey

Aerial assistance for companies carrying out oil and gas exploration with seismic surveying...

PHL - Commercial Services - Helicopter Moving Drilling Rigs

Moving Drilling Rigs

Your West Coast partner of choice for moving oil and gas drilling rigs safely from A to B...

PHL - Commercial Services - Helicopter Air Charters and Personnel Transport

Air Charters & Personal Transport

We can take you wherever you need to go and we'll do it with a smile...

PHL - Commercial Services - Helicopter Conservation Support

Conservation Air Support

We are an approved provider of aerial services for DOC (Department of Conservation) flying over 200 hours a year...

PHL - Commercial Services - Helicopter Powerline & Pipeline Surveys

Powerline & Pipeline Surveys

Surveys and maintenance of powerlines and gas pipelines throughout New Zealand for continuity-of-service and safety...

PHL - Commercial Services - Helicopter Wire Stringing

Wire Stringing

PHL have completed many successful wire stringing missions for power companies because we have the right gear, the right people and the right methodology...

PHL - Commercial Services - Helicopter Search and Rescue

Search & Rescue

PHL are part of local Council's emergency response plan assisting in including evacuations, supply of provisions and rescues...

Film, Music & Media Industries

Location scouting, air charters and personal transport, taking you on adventures that become highly treasured memories...

Taking Care of Business

All our commercial helicopter work is carried out according to best practice guidelines.

Every aerial mission covers these fundamentals:

  • The job's requirements – what needs to be done, where, when and who with.
  • Safety and risk management assessments including load and gear, landing zone, third-party risks, flight and ground crew safety.
  • An approved flight plan in-line with the CAA.
  • Selection and preparation of equipment to be used.
  • Care and attention to all factors during the operation.
  • Pre-flight – aircraft checks, suitable weather windows, flight following.
  • Flying neighbourly – having a good relationship with the public and flying in accordance with our code of practice.
  • Post-flight – end of job safety and performance reviews, customer satisfaction surveys, flight management checks, check adherence to service standards.
  • Service standards – we deliver services that satisfy our customers' expectations and all regulatory bodies.
  • Systems and processes – we comply with all established procedures, standards and regulations.

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