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Seismic Survey

Aerial assistance for companies carrying out oil and gas exploration with seismic surveying

We've provided helicopter support to many companies carrying out seismic surveys for oil and gas exploration. We're the aerial pickup truck that taxis highly valuable surveying gear in increments as the all-important seismic activity is taking place at ground level.

We understand how important it is to have a partner in the air you can rely on. Whether we're dropping a long-line through a blind hole in the canopy or moving equipment in mountainous terrain, we're committed and trustworthy. Our staff and AS350 B2's have been involved in dozens of seismic surveys.

The PHL Advantages

How the PHL team can save you time and money with your seismic surveys

Precise lifting/positioning in remote locations

Skilled at placing gear in regular increments

Cost-effective and super efficient timeframes

Max 900kg load per lift

Well-planned and super safe

Can-do attitude and friendly communication

A Reputation for Efficiency & Accuracy

We've earned a reputation for being efficient, accurate and generally just damn good guys and gals to deal with as we've collaborated and successfully completed many missions.

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