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PHL provides agricultural, commercial and tourism helicopter services from our New Plymouth (Taranaki), Piopio (South Waikato) and Hokitika bases.

At PHL, we provide agricultural and commercial helicopter services from our Piopio (South Waikato) and New Plymouth (Taranaki) bases. We also offer heli-tours from both these bases as well as our new Hokitika base located right next to the Hokitika Gorge with easy access to the Southern Alps and its popular mountainous and glacial attractions.

New Plymouth (Taranaki)

Our New Plymouth base is the company Headquarters. Here we have our reception, offices, client meeting rooms and aircraft hangar. 

Taranaki is the energy capital of New Zealand and we have been providing safe and reliable helicopter support for the oil and gas sector for many years in this region.

We have an Airbus AS350 B2 and a Bell 206 Jet Ranger flown by highly qualified and experienced pilots, Paul McBrearty and Nick Tallott servicing the Taranaki, Whanganui and Manawatū regions.

We also have a raft of helicopter under-slung and support equipment including long-lines for every type of aerial mission, dry and slurry buckets, beehive-lifting gear, along with a fully-functional workshop where we carry out repairs and maintenance.

Along with our agricultural and commercial work, we also run heli-tours for local and international tourists alike. We can take you up and down the coast to view some of the country's most remote spots of natural beauty. And of course, we can also take you up, over and around our biggest gem, Taranaki Maunga.

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PHL - Locations - Piopio - South Waikato

Piopio (South Waikato)

Our Piopio base is available for aerial missions in the agricultural and commercial sectors throughout the South Waikato and Central Plateau areas. This includes aerial cropping such as spraying and fertiliser application and beehive transportation. We can also carry out precision lifting for power companies, and work as conservation support and in forestry developments.

This base is also ideally located for heli-tours travel east, west, north and south. You can take a day trip to the laid-back surfer styles of the coastal town of Raglan, or head east to the Coromandel with its beautiful native bush and sandy beaches, or fly south to the alive and steaming geothermal Central Plateau.

We can also take you to the mind-blowing and previously undiscovered limestone formations as seen in The Hobbit where pillars of stone formed like the turrets of medieval castles reign over the landscape.

Hokitika (West Coast)

Our Hokitika Base has it all. Our pilots, Matt Newton and Patrick Nolan are very experienced and highly skilled. We operate an an AS350 B2 and a MD500 D servicing the West Coast, Southern Alps and West Canterbury regions.

The Hokitika Gorge helipad is only 12 minutes flight time up the historic Whitcombe valley to Rikaia river on the East coast.

We are available for all types of aerial missions in the agricultural and commercial sectors throughout the West Canterbury and West Coast region. This includes agricultural spraying, fertiliser application, aerial cropping, forestry development and beehive transportation. We also carry out precision lifting for multiple companies and work as conservation support.

For sight seeing and outdoor adventures visit our dedicated Hokitika Base tourist website:

PHL - Locations - Hokitika

New Plymouth Base (HQ) Covering Taranaki, Whanganui and the Manawatū

Physical Address 
192 Airport Drive, New Plymouth Airport, New Plymouth, New Zealand

Postal Address 
PO Box 50, Urenui, Taranaki 4349 

Piopio Base Covering King Country, Waikato and Central Plateau

Physical Address
296 Mangaotaki Road, Piopio, Waikato, New Zealand

Postal Address
296 Mangaotaki Road, RD 1, Piopio

Hokitika Base Covering The West Coast and The Southern Alps

Physical Address
535 Whitcombe Valley Road, Kokatahi 7881, Hokitika, New Zealand

Postal Address
PO Box 296, Hokitika, New Zealand

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