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Herbicide, Pesticide & Fungicide Application

We understand that the aerial application of herbicides and pesticides requires good gear, knowledge and discipline

Our team has a thorough knowledge of agrichemical application, and working from the air on farms is a major component of what we do. This includes spraying to control weeds and noxious plants, keeping pests away from where they're not wanted, and applying fungicides to hold out rot and toxic spores that can damage your crops and stock.

At PHL, we have several spraying techniques to make sure only what needs spraying is sprayed.

Spot spraying and low-drift nozzles minimise any off-target drift making sure residue and off-spray doesn't contaminate crops and get where it shouldn't. This prevents damage to other plant-life, people, animals, the surrounding environment and property.

To achieve this gear is calibrated regularly and we use GPS technology to ensure accurate even distribution and proof of placement.

The timing of the application of agrichemicals is important. Using helicopters we can utilise small weather windows to get the job done fast and efficiently, regardless of field conditions.

We have strong agitation systems in our tanks ensuring a good mix coupled with fast loading systems to ensure we are competitive in our pricing.

The PHL Advantage

How the PHL team can save you time and money with your aerial spraying

Low-drift nozzles on all our spray equipment

Spot spraying using a tent-like cover to target

We only use the best quality chemicals

Extensive weed / noxious plant knowledge

Even distribution regardless of field conditions and terrain contour

No airstrip required

Herbicide Spraying

Our extensive knowledge of all available weed control methods and types of weeds and noxious plants in New Zealand is unsurpassed. We're highly experienced in weed control for the Department of Conservation, oil and gas companies' pipelines and many farms throughout the country.

Photo by Kylie Perry

Herbicide Spot Spraying with PHL

We have innovative spraying systems for dealing to weeds in sensitive areas. These include under-slung systems for working amongst trees and forward mounted systems for on cliff faces and hill country. We kill the bad guys without taking out the crowd.

Aerial Cropping Steep Hill Country

Another great benefit of spraying herbicides from a helicopter is that we can aerial crop steep hill and cliff country and effectively turn unproductive hill country into productive land. We do this by first spraying out weeds and unwanted plant-life before firelighting a controlled burn-off of the remaining debris then seeding and applying fertiliser. All this just before it rains!

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Weed Control & Applying Fertiliser

Applying herbicide and fertiliser together kills two birds with one stone by wiping out what's not wanted and boosting what is. Helicopters also offer the most efficient method of delivery by selectively dealing with persistent weeds in difficult terrain.

Our specialised agricultural GPS system installed in each helicopter enables us to accurately and very efficiently apply weed control to a specific area. We do this by pre-mapping the area to accurately determine the required amount of chemical.

Weeds We Regularly Target

  • Gorse
  • Ragwort
  • Thistles
  • Broom
  • Blackberry
  • Scrub
  • Buttercup
  • Pampus 
  • Gunnera

Pesticide Spraying

Your investment in crops and pasture is huge. To have a crop destroyed be grubs and bugs is heartbreaking. No one likes to spray insecticide and pesticide, but it’s sometimes got to be done. At PHL we deliver accurately and on time.


Benefits of Applying Pesticide from a Helicopter

  • No soil compaction vs truck or tractor
  • Avoid contamination paddock to paddock
  • No productive loss from tramping
  • Not affected by wet ground conditions
  • Large areas covered in short timeframe

Fungicide Spraying

One of the key reasons a farmer will spray on fungicide is to avoid facial eczema caused by animals eating pasture covered in toxic spores. As any farmer knows this disease causes nasty liver damage with symptoms including sensitivity to sunlight, skin inflammation and in severe cases, death. Not to mention the stock don't like it much.

PHL - Agricultural Services - Helicopter Spraying

Helping Combat Facial Eczema

We believe facial eczema can be significantly reduced by killing the spores on the grass by applying a fungicide every six weeks (or at a similar interval) aerially from one of our helicopters. We think this is a much better approach than giving your animals zinc, which can make them sick and reduce their water intake, appetite, and in turn, their production.

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