Power & Pipeline Surveys

  • Helicopter Powerline stringing
  • power line work by helicopter
  • helicopter working on power line
  • helicopter servicing power line construction

PHL assist in the survey and maintenance of both powerlines and gas pipelines within New Zealand for various energy providers.

Pipeline leaks are a major concern to the gas and oil industry. They can result in loss of revenue, a potential danger to public, and environmental damage. To ensure pipeline safety and reliability, an aerial helicopter surveillance program to detect leaks or any potential damage is conducted on a regular basis. This surveillance also checks that there is no danger to the integrity of the line from nearby construction or drainage works.

Our pilots have a strong working knowledge of the route terrain together with a good understanding of the local weather conditions to ensure a successful survey.

The helicopter's GPS records the flight information of the route flown which is provided to the client for analysis purposes and record keeping.

Helicopter Power line stringing