Pesticide Spraying

  • Helicopter insecticide spraying vineyard
  • Helicopter pesticide spraying on grapes

The reasons to choose a helicopter for aerial pesticide spraying are:

  • No soil compaction
  • No fungal disease spread from paddock to paddock
  • No production loss from tramping
  • No damage to crop
  • Applications not affected by wet ground conditions
  • Large areas covered in a short time frame
  • No airstrip required

Pesticides are a broad category of chemicals which are used to kill or eliminate pests on plants which are cultivated for landscaping or agriculture. While many pesticides are insecticides, there are other types of pesticides as well. For instance, there are pesticides that work against weeds, pesticides that work to kill fungi, and even some pesticides that can repel fish or mammals that threaten plants.

An insecticide is a type of pesticide which is specifically formulated to use against insects. Insecticides may be used to kill adult insects or larvae. Insecticides also work by preventing insects from reproducing, so that when the adults die there are no new insects to replace them.

Facial Eczema

Facial eczema is caused by animals eating pasture covered in toxic spores. The disease causes liver damage, with symptoms including sensitivity to sunlight, skin inflammation and in severe cases, death.

The best way to combat the disease is to kill the spores on the ground. Spray on a fungicide every six weeks or as required.

Most farmers give their animals zinc. Too much zinc will make the animals sick and reduce their water intake, appetite, and in turn, their production.

By killing the spores on the grass, the problem can be significantly reduced.

Facial eczema spraying by helicopter