Helicopter Flight Management System

The PHL Helicopter Flight Management System is a sophisticated facility that is critical to our business. It ensures our personnel are always kept up to date with real time flight and business information.

This unique system was designed and developed in-house and performs the following essential tasks:

  • Flight Database
  • Flight Following
  • CAA and Business Reporting
  • Weather Information
  • Aircrew Notices
  • Company Notice Board
  • Operational Calendar
  • Helicopter Maintenance
  • PHL Manuals
  • Quality Assurance
  • Health & Safety
  • Pricing and related information

The system is web based and accessible by employees in-house or indeed remotely via a laptop computer fitted with a 3 or 4G card.

As jobs come in, the details are entered into the system's Event Calendar, together with the necessary resources required (such as helicopter type, pilot, air crew and any ancillary equipment) to complete the task. The system is dynamic and changes are reflected immediately. The Calendar also keeps staff aware of other date and time driven factors such as any scheduled helicopter and vehicle maintenance; pilot, ground and aircrew availability in addition to regulatory requirements.

Aerial view of helicopter

The integral Flight Database maintains full details of each helicopter's commercial, agricultural or air charter flight. This information is also used for billing and CAA statistical reporting purposes.

Employees have direct online access to all PHL manuals which form the company's exposition. Only the current and approved version can ever be accessed.

Helicopter Flight Management System - home page

The PHL Flight Management System ensures all Bases operate uniformly and in full compliance with company policies and CAA requirements.

Qualified operatives at PHL offices are able to perform real time flight following duties for New Zealand using information obtained from the flight database together with positional data received from each helicopter's GPS system during operations. Specific flight information can be provided to our customers for their analysis purposes.

  • Helicopter Flight Following
  • Real Time flight following
  • Helicopter tracking
  • Helicopter Flight Information