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Our Helicopter Fleet

Helicopters come in a multitude of shapes and sizes and each type has its own advantages and disadvantages to perform a specific aerial task. Typical factors that influence the decision to use one machine over another are cost, lifting capability, noise level, passenger capacity and operational range. Occasionally, other factors such as the landing zone size and terrain may also affect the choice.

At PHL, we are able to offer a wide choice with unrivalled availability nationwide. We will be pleased to discuss with you the best choice of aircraft, crew and other resources available from within the company to achieve your objectives.

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Our process begins with the careful understanding of our customer's requirements:

  • Requirements analysis
  • Resource selection
  • Provisional flight plan

Helicopter Safety

Full consideration is then given to the many health and safety points that may arise:

  • Helicopter Landing zone
  • Third Party risk
  • Flight Crew Safety

Quality Control

Following our procedures, it is then important to consider the quality aspects of the flight:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Flight Management
  • Service Standards


Final preparations, considerations and implimentation checks for the actual helicopter flight itself:

  • Aircraft checks
  • Suitable weather
  • Flight Following

The Marlborough Wine & Food Festival 2015
Saturday 14th February

Avoid the traffic and make the most of your day by flying to the event by helicopter!

Book a Two Way Flight Ticket

Book a One Way Flight Ticket to the Event

Book a One Way Flight Ticket from the Event

Passenger transit flights are between Omaka Airfield and the Wine & Food Festival.

The helicopter can carry a maximum of four passengers. Carry on luggage only - maximum weight 5kg.

When you book your flight, you can select what time you would like your flight to take place.

If the weather on the day is not suitable for passenger transport, a full refund of the ticket purchase price will be made within 7 working days.

IMPORTANT - Once you have booked your flight, you will receive a confirmation email with a unique reference number. Please print the email as it is your boarding ticket and will need to be shown to PHL personnel before boarding the aircraft.

For further information, please contact our Blenheim Base on 0800 246 359 or via sales@precisionhelicopters.com