Seismic Surveys

  • Shifting drill rigs by helicopter long line
  • An example of a helicopter five hook carousel
  • A helicopter long lining recording equipment in bags
  • A helicopter collecting seismic bags with no ground personnel

We have significant experience in this industry and can offer a competitive turnkey package. Whatever your objectives, wherever your survey, we have the expertise and experience to provide the best possible seismic survey helicopter support. We also have an efficient low impact system for carrying out heli-drilling and 2D and high denisity 3D recording operations in the majority of terrains.

PHL aircraft are fitted with GPS systems for accurate rig placement. We also use a special crewmans belt that securely clips to the helicopter enabling fast, efficient and safe deployment of personnel by helicopter from site to site.

PHL have provided helicopter support services for seismic surveys in New Zealand, Australia and Papua New Guinea.

PHL was a an exhibitor at this year's Oil & Gas event ENEX 2013 held on the 6th and 7th of June at New Plymouth's TSB Stadium.

PHL have modern and efficient equipment for survey and deployment work. We have nine hook carousels, five hook carousels, crewman belts and grapples. All of these are checked annually and certified.

For example, using a five hook carousel – we can deliver in minutes 5 bags of equipment per lift. The pilot can select the hook he would like to release from the helicopter. PHL manufacture PVC carry bags to protect your valuable equipment.

Using grapples, we can retrieve equipment from the field without the need of any staff on the ground to hook up. Our pilots are trained to hook up loads with ease. Up to six bags can be hooked up in a matter of minutes.

Recent Projects

Wannamal 3D project, Australia    Kea Petroleum 2D project, Taranaki

helicopter seismic long lining