Safety Policy

Safety concerns everyone and is paramount to Precision Helicopters Ltd - our lives depend on it!

PHL has a strong safety culture and operate to strict procedures developed for every type of helicopter task we perform. These procedures are well documented in our Operations and Health & Safety manuals. We have a comprehensive Quality Assurance system, audited by the CAA, that ensures all potential hazards and problems are identified and quickly rectified.

All our aircraft are fitted with GPS tracking systems that log the position of the helicopter while in operation. The pilot can also use this system to send an emergency signal.

Before every flight, every passenger receives a briefing on basic helicopter safety together with the location of emergency equipment.

When working for or with any external company, PHL provide a mandatory helicopter Crewman’s Course for their personnel. You can download a low resolution copy of the Crewmans User Guide & Safety Handbook here.

The Civil Aviation Authority have published an excellent poster regarding safety around helicopters which is available here.

Agricultural Helicopter Operational Safety

When carrying out any agricultural work, for Health & Safety reasons, we treat the loading site as a temporary extension of PHL's own work place.

The LoadMaster is our on-site Health & Safety Representative and will conduct a safety briefing for all non PHL employees involved in the operation regarding helicopter and other machinery hazards. We provide a safety pamphlet to any non PHL employees which is available here.

The LoadMaster is required to obtain a signature from the farm owner or manager that he or her staff have received the safety briefing.

If the work involves any form of spraying, we are required to leave a 100 metre boundary between the farm and its neighbouring properties, unless the farm has notified the neighbours accordingly.

A diagram is available showing a typical safe landing zone layout for agricultural helicopter operations is available here.

Agricultural helicopter - spray tank filling

An agricultural helicopter being refilled for spraying work.

Company philosophy on Safety

PRECISION HELICOPTERS LTD is committed to achieving a safe and healthy work place for all personnel and clients. It is also committed to protect third parties and the natural environment. In this regard all personnel shall:
(a) Employ practical and effective methods of work that protect the safety and health of employees and all others associated with that work.
(b) Conduct work activities that prevent occupational illness, injuries and damage to property.
(c) Provide equipment that is suitable for the job and use it in accordance with the advice and instructions associated with that equipment.
(d) Work in a way that protects the natural environment.
(e) Comply with legislation and codes of practice.
(f) Use supervision and training to enhance the safety of all work practices.
(g) Observe and encourage in others the need to analyse hazards, develop safe practices, and in the implementation of those work practices.

Scope of Policy
This document does not exempt any person from their responsibilities as required by the “Health & Safety in Employment Act 1992”.
A Principal as defined by the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 is any person who engages any other person for gain or reward. Therefore all employees, contractors, and their subcontractors working for PRECISION HELICOPTERS LTD shall have read and be familiar with the Health and Safety Management Plan and shall comply with its contents.
Contractors and Subcontractors must be treated as if they were PRECISION HELICOPTERS LTD employees with regard to all health, safety and environmental issues.

Matthew Newton
Director and Chief Pilot