Precision Lifting

  • Precision Helicopter Lifting
  • Helicopter Precision Lifting

PHL have performed many contracts where the transportation and lifting of loads into exact positions has been the primary requirement. All PHL helicopters are fitted with highly accurate GPS devices enabling us to arrive at specific locations, irrespective of the terrain and weather conditions.

The lifting of all sorts of loads is routine to PHL. Often this form of transportation is highly efficient bringing significant cost benefits to our client.

Depending on the nature of the load and where it has to be placed, a suitable long-line and strops are used. If the load has to be placed through tree cover, the line may be in excess of 50 metres.

Our pilots are highly experienced in vertical reference flying and are supported by equally skilled ground crew.

Typical precision lifting work includes:

Construction sites - Lifting of girders, frames, glass, air conditioning units, water tanks, etc.

Communications equipment - Radio, TV, Telephone repeaters and equipment cabinets to remote locations.

Conservation - Transportation and placement of walkway structures, bridges, materials and supplies.

Seismic Surveys - Fast transportation and placement of drill rigs, recording and ancillary equipment.

Commercial sites - Transportation and placement of machinery, generators, air conditioning units, often resulting in quicker installation times and minimum downtime.

Radio Repeater installation by helicopter