Photography & Filming

  • Tom Cruise and Matt Newton during the filming of the Last Samurai

PHL has been involved in the production of several advertisements, TV productions and one movie. We have mounts suitable for both film and video cameras.

PHL can provide helicopter services for:

  • Wedding and special event photography and filming
  • Photographic services for Real Estate purposes
  • Aerial shots for advertisments
  • Television programme services
  • Industrial filming

PHL played an active role in the production of a stunning advertisment for Meridian Energy. Not only did we provide the helicopters for filming but the surfers, mountain bikers, the hay truck, the location and of course the talent!

We recommend the commercial photographic and filming services of Lavamedia who have worked with us on various assignments. (Lavamedia produced the stunning promotional videos for our New Plymouth and Blenheim bases, together with the majority of project videos.)