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APPEA 2014
6-9 April 2014

APPEA 2014

PHL togther with Webster Drilling & Exploration Ltd attend this year's Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition.

This is the must-attend event on the annual oil and gas calendar. It is the largest annual upstream oil and gas event in the southern hemisphere, attracting delegates from across the country and the world.

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Forrest Grape Ride
Saturday 5th April 2014

Forrest Grape Ride 2014

PHL is pleased to be a sponsor of this year’s Forrest GrapeRide!

The GrapeRide is the South Island’s biggest and most popular recreational road cycling event. The classic course traverses a 101km or 42km circuit through some of the most stunning scenery New Zealand has to offer. It has been described as a ride through nature’s photo album.

Subject to suitable weather, we’re expecting to film some of the event from the air. There is an opportunity for two people to fly with us. If you are interested, please email or click here.

Extreme kayaker rescued in daring helicopter move
29th December 2013

Extreme rescue by helicopter

An extreme kayaker has had a fortunate escape after a dramatic fall from a waterfall on the West Coast. Matt Coles was airlifted out of the Windhover Gorge in a daring helicopter rescue after attempting to kayak down a never-before paddled section of river. The pioneering expedition down the remote Waitaha River, south of Hokitika, was being filmed by documentary maker Dave Kwant.

In Mr Kwant's video, recorded yesterday, Coles watches as his friend Shannon Mast falls upside down and backwards over a waterfall, before saying he is going to give it a go "to clean up Shannon’s mess."

However the kayak instructor soon suffered the same fate as he was also flipped around by the raging white water and thrown backwards and upside down off the drop. He said he hit his head several times on rocks on the river bed and got his ankle trapped in rocks as he landed and attempted to get back to the surface of the water.

With Coles unable to walk and climbing out of the gorge out of the question the group's helicopter pilot makes a risky descent to the team and hovers over a rock so the hobbling kayaker can be airlifted to safety. During the rescue, the chopper's rotor-blades seem to be barely metres away from the steep rock sides of the gorge.

Afterwards, Coles said he felt "gutted" and "embarrassed". "I came off the first drop and got flipped upside down which is to be expected," he said. "I made the decision that I would just stay upside down for the waterfall, and on the way over I smacked my head a couple of times on rocks. "Somewhere on the way I got my ankle caught on rocks and twisted my ankle. "I was right at the entry of the rapid holding on to the throw bag, my ankle twisted on rocks and holding on to my boat, so I decided my boat had to go."

It is only in recent years that kayakers have successfully navigated the Waitaha River, and the gorge, which features five waterfalls, has never been paddled before.

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Graeme Sinclair's visit to Taranaki
2nd March 2013

Graeme Sinclair (left) and Matt Newton (right)

Graeme Sinclair from the TradeZone Gone Fishin Show visited Precision Helicopters on Saturday morning for a fly around New Plymouth. He was visiting Taranaki for the kayaking fishing competition.

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