• Forestry Helicopter Services

Over recent years PHL has been increasingly involved in providing helicopter services to the forestry industry:

Pre-plant spraying:
This is where we use a residual herbicide prior to planting. This herbicide prevents any competitive weeds from choking the trees for 6 months ensuring they have a good start.

Release spraying:
In some cases, after 12 months trees require another spray of selected herbicide once again to cut out the competition.

Fungicide spraying:
PHL have the helicopter equipment to apply copper oxychloride to prevent dothistroma. This is applied at very light rates with oil through our microneer nozzles.

In Southland, we have been involved in applying granular urea to forestry crops. Urea is applied at 300kg p/ha. This aerial application is carried out in the Spring and is giving our clients very good growth rates.