Fire Lighting

  • Helicopter Controlled fire lighting
  • Helicopter Controlled fire lighting - burning off scrub before planting
  • Helicopter Controlled fire lighting system
  • Helicopter fire lighting

In preparation for replanting, PHL can quickly and efficiently burn off large areas by using fire lighting equipment fitted to a helicopter.

A controlled burn is planned, managed, and conducted to achieve a management objective; and it does not go beyond the desired area. A controlled burn is not a wildfire!

The amount of invasive native scrub killed by burning depends on the species in the paddock. The age of the scrub also has an important effect on the numbers destroyed, as older shrubs are more tolerant of fire. The density of the scrub can also affect the kill rate, as it can be very difficult to achieve desirable fuel quantities under densely growing vegitation. Shrubs will not burn alone; there must be adequate combustable material under them to carry a fire.